Beat Saber on Oculus Quest

We capture Mixed Reality

Splitverse is a Mixed Reality production specialist. We work with game developers, video producers, competitive players and established influencers to show the world amazing moments in Virtual Reality Gaming through the lense of Mixed Reality pictures.


LIV Avatars

LIV released an avatar feature and graduated from early access on steam! Thanks for trusting us with your release trailer.

Oculus Defy Reality Quest Launch Campaign

Together with PSYOP, Sailor Productions and LIV, we co-produced this campaign for Oculus, delivering the in-Game and Mixed Reality pictures.

Oculus Quest Beat Saber Announcement

Together with Oculus and LIV, we produced the Beat Saber Announcement Trailer for the Oculus Quest.

OrbusVR: Reborn Official Trailer

OrbusVR: Reborn is the first expansion to OrbusVR, the only MMORPG designed exclusively for room-scale virtual reality.



VR eSports - An Overview with Hasko7, the Echo Mom

We had the opportunity to welcome VRespawn's Sonya Haskins to our studio and talk about VR eSports.

The Force Mod for Beat Saber

The community around Beat Saber is likely the biggest in Virtual Reality Gaming at the moment. We had a bit of fun with legends like SkyKiwi, Proper D, QTpop and Logan.


Dual Darth Maul Mod

Part 2 of our Beat Saber and Electronauts mash up production with DJ NICKY and SkyKiwi with a full feature of the legendary two double sabers, also known as the ChromaToggle created by the modding doctor SkyKiwi himself.

The Mixed Reality Jam Battle

DJ NICKY puts down some sick beats in Electronauts, can Skykiwi’s Beat Saber skills handle the heat in this first ever VR mixed reality crossover?


The Fight for Global Top10 in Beat Saber

Ever since established a global ranking for Beat Saber, the competition for making Top10 has been heating up. We had the opportunity to shoot with Logan, a high ranking player, to show you what it takes to be amongst the highest ranked in Beat Saber.

Full Beat Saber Run of Virtual Reality Pro Player Logan Theobald

Logan's full run for those competitive viewers out there.


Interview with VR Player Logan Theobald

Some tips and tricks how to score higher on Beat Saber.

LIV Official Studio Partner

We partner closely with LIV, the leading Mixed Reality Software and Engagement Platform for VR, and have become their first official video creator partner. Together we commit to keep innovating new exciting formats for VR Gaming.
Visit their website at


We are always on the outlook for the top competitive VR players and established content creators and are happy to realize your video production idea.

For Game and App Developers

Are you a game or VR App developer that wants to market your game before or after launch? A mixed reality production is a great way to show people what it is really like to play your game.

For Internet Personalities

Are you good at VR gaming while engaging with an audience? Are you looking to experiment with an MR production environment? Reach out and share your thoughts.

For Producers and Directors

Do you have a MR production idea? Need help?

We come to you! Or you come visit us: Our studio is based in Springfield, Missouri, less than a mile from the airport. We have onsite accommodations and transportation.


Unity/Unreal Developer

We are looking for a consultant to help us with game engine specific setups.

Game Modding

We are looking for a consultant to help us realise creative productions which require custom game mods.